ive been asked a few times how i draw back-views, especially for character sheets so i wanted to share a little trick I learned a while back that’s really really helpful especially if you’re used to drawing things from the front and need help getting the proportions right from the back view.

You don’t ALWAYS have to do this the way that I do; The only reason I put effort into the front view is because this is going to be a character sheet and I need the front view to be fleshed out.

But alternatively; Just sketch out a sillhouette, then fill it in on a higher layer. 

Sorry if someones already done this before im just answering a frequently asked question ;w;

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Found a few more animation differences from that digest video in episode two. 


Sailor Moon Crystal Bluray updates look a million times better than the original episodes!!! PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE

This is actually REALLY normal for anime. Since they’re trying to get episodes out on time, when it comes to the physical release, they go back and fix a lot. (Really great, more recent examples of this of anime shows you’ve probably heard of are Madoka Magica and Attack on Titan.)

But it’s really relieving to actually see examples of this for Sailor Moon Crystal!!!

EDIT: Forgot to tack on that these new screencaps are from the official Sailor Moon Crystal youtube channel here.

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Mamoru’s even hotter

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Hey! You!

do you like comics?

do you like ancient egypt?

do you like both of those things combined under a really awful pun?

great, because then maybe you will like a project me and my best friend mary are putting together! Its been months since i made an advertisement post about it, and now with so many new followers, perhaps i can convince even more people to throw their lives away waiting for this project.

Kez is just some lady who finds herself mysteriously transported to Ancient Egypt, she has no idea what to do, no where to go and no way to get back, but thank god her phone is still working, and god bless her phone provider because the internet is still working. Kez is thrown into the thick of Ancient Egyptian politics and royalty and finds herself the centre of attention and using her phone, quickly becomes hailed as a prophet by the Pharaoh and his entourage. Kez must keep pretending she’s some magic oracle and figure out a way back home or be caught lying and probably, most likely fairly certainly be killed on the spot.

When her phone runs out of battery and she starts having to make up predictions, welllllllll things don’t go according to plan

Rosetta Phone is set largely in 18th dynasty Egypt and a time consisting of peace and security and currently under the rule of the Pharaoh Maahes, who is nice and all but hasn’t got a clue about warfare or politics and mostly wastes his time building things no one cares about in places people have never heard of while his wives do all the gritty stuff. Good thing he has Kez to tell him what to do with her phone or something, too bad she took the job from his priests and court advisers and now they’re all angry at her, along with apparently every one else who isn’t Maahes.

check out our progress blog and get hyped for when it comes out, which will hopefully be like next year some time!

"Rosetta Phone" are you kidding me rn that is amazing

I am very excited about this.

I lost my shit at the title.





honeymoon is an interesting term because an actual moon made of honey would imply space bees which is pretty horrifying

that would be pretty cool. The idea that life was seeded between planets is a pretty common scifi trope.  What if its NOT seeded, but “pollinated”? Huge space bees flying between planets, depositing genetic material from other worlds.  Pollen from other worlds mixes with local things, so things far apart seem to share some similarities.

(also, have fun with that “sex pollen” trope too.)

That is a much cooler idea than “ancient master race seeded all the planets”. A+, I would read about Space!Bees.